We work with you to ensure that data processing is undertaken securely within the corporate structure and in line with data protection regulations. In the process, we take full account of the specific business and structural situation of the corporate group. Corporate data protection ensures a uniform level of data protection, minimizes risks and nurtures client trust.

✔Data governance: Data Protection, Privacy, Digital Transformation, Records Management;
✔Cyber Security Threat Modeling;
✔Information Security and Workflow Analysis;
✔Forensic Data and Fraud Examination;
✔Risk Management & Privacy Assessments Plans;
✔Regulatory Compliance;
✔Policy development;
✔Privacy Impact Assessments,Privacy Gap Assessments and Privacy Threat Modeling;
✔Litigation & Mediation;
✔Administrative law, Privacy law;
✔P.A.S.T.A. (Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis)