Ready and proud to serve government clients.

Delivering our services to Federal Government; Provincial, Territorial and Municipal Governments clients within an efficient and streamlined approach is a contributing factor to our long-term relationships with them. Today, we are proud to work with agencies and departments including the Department of Justice, Health Canada, Canada Border Services Agency, Environment Canada, Elections Canada, Consulting and Audit Canada, Canadian International Development Agency, National Defence, Revenue Canada, Public Works Government Services Canada, Department of Foreign Affairs and international trade, Agriculture Canada, Canadian Food inspection Agency, Canadian School of Public Service, Defence Construction Canada, Canadian Air Transport and Security Agency, Public Servants Disclosure Protection Tribunal, Public Service Integrity Commissioner and Citizenship and Immigration among others.

We provide our services to government agencies and departments via various contract vehicles and provide structure for the way we manage our contracts, the way we forecast and distribute task order solicitations, and the implementation of tools and processes to enable all of those activities.

We also provide formation Access to Information, Privacy and Cyber Security.